Be the Main Character in Your Own Life – A Talk with Anna

Training to become great in your sport is an amazing place to be in your life. Training your body, your skills and your mind is what it takes to become a fierce competitor. Most athletes are very good at training their body and their skills, but in today’s competitive environment it’s not enough. If you’re training hard and still not getting the performance results you want, maybe the issue is not physical, perhaps a tweak in your mental and emotional training is all you need. Often, a small change can make a big difference in your performance.

My guest on today’s podcast, Anna Dunn, shares her journey as an elite soccer athlete and focuses on the importance of being your true self. She talks about some major factors that can keep athletes from progressing on their athletic journey and what she did to deal with and manage those things so that she is free to be herself and compete with confidence.

We know that when a young woman (man) knows herself, wants to be her true self and gives herself generously to whatever she does…she will perform well when she has to.

Performance comes from a person who says…You know what…I’m just going to be me! This is who I am and I’m going to do what’s necessary
and stay in the struggle.

Have you ever competed against an athlete like that? It’s nearly impossible.