Restore the Dominant Thought – A Simple Strategy to Improve Performance

I love the word strategy. It simply means a plan of action designed to achieve an overall
aim. If your overall desire is to be able to perform in the heat of competition, this strategy will be
useful for you. 

This simple plan of action works when you work it. With more than three decades
of experience with elite athletes as both a player and a coach, I’ve seen a lot of talented
athletes struggle with underperformance. Despite being smart, driven athletes with big
aspirations, there’s often something that keeps many of them from reaching their full
potential in their sport. Many times, what’s going on inside their mind is what’s holding them back.

What you think about yourself, what you think about your abilities, what you think about pressure
and competition, and the messages you’re telling yourself, matter a lot. Your dominant
thoughts can impact your performance, positively or negatively. If you want to know how
you can get your mind right for your best performance, listen to this episode on the
strategy – Restore the Dominant Thought.