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Learning how to perform under pressure and compete with confidence begins with knowing yourself. Have you ever asked yourself… Who am I really? What makes me tick? What are my strengths?

These are important questions to ask. Good athletes know all about their sport. Great athletes don’t stop there, they know all about themselves! That’s what the Personal Profile is about. 

In this course, you will take three simple inventories to create your Personal Profile:

  • Multiple Intelligences Inventory – How are you smart? 
  • Learning Styles Inventory – How do you learn? 
  • True Colours Inventory – How do you express yourself?

These inventories are simple tools to help you uncover your strengths and increase your self-awareness. They are not meant to diagnose or put labels on you. You will learn how to use this information and make it work for you as an elite student-athlete. The self-awareness you gain by creating your Personal Profile is transferable to all areas of your life.